About Manang

Manang (3540 m) is located just back of Annapurna Himalaya range which is the shortest distance from Kathmandu and other major cities of Nepal to the back of the Himalaya (Transhimalaya). Form Pokhara, we see the Annapurna Himalaya northward. In Manang, the Annapurna Range forms the Neshyang valley from South side. So, we observed Annapurna
Himalaya range on the south. In Manang, our Hotel Yeti will take all responsibilities of your travel Neshyang valley is diverse in landscape, culture, wildlife (land of snow leopard blue sheep), and monasteries. Manang is major part of Annapurna Round Trekking where tourists prepare to cross Throngla Pass (5416 m). Hence, Manang is very popular worldwide. With development of road, Manang has been very popular among Nepalese tourists. However, most of them do not know about High Altitude Sickness and travel directly to Manang on bike or jeep. Later they got problem with high altitude sickness. At the same time, they skip many beautiful areas. The only Rule of Thumb to combat High Altitude Sickness is “Travel slowly in High Altitude”. Do not gain more than 500 m altitude per day. If you are driving, you are ascending faster and your body does not have enough time to cope high altitude where oxygen level is low. Therefore, we have set up a hotel in Chame (2710 m) to make you fit for High Altitude. We highly recommend to trek from Chame to Manang so that you can enjoy best sceneries in the world and at the same
time acclimatize with high altitude. However, we have also prepared our package on vehicle in such way that, we spend more than 6 hours from Chame to Manang so that your body can response with high altitude. It takes one and half hours on bike from Chame to Manang.Due to the road access, film makers are travelling lots to Manang. Recently, Prem Geet 3, Yeh mero hajur 2-3 have been shot in Manang. Even in winter, Ice Climbing and Skiing are being promoted. Every year, Ice Climbing festival are being organized in Humde Manang.