About Chame Manang

Chame (2710 m), District headquarter of Manang from where Himalayas appear in the south is gate way to Trans-Himalayas. After Chame, vegetation gets changing and from Dhikur Pokhari (40 minutes’ drive from Chame), Trans Himalayas region starts. So, here in Chame, you are/will be back of the Himalaya. The Lamjung Himal (6983 m = 7000 m) part of AnnapurnaHimalaya Range in the South, Manaslu Himalaya range in South east and Rocky Mountains Make location of Chame unique. These kinds of geography are the foundation of Himalayas.While being in Chame, Hot Spring Experience will be your unique experience in this route. Hot Spring pools made by Chame Rural Municipality are located on the bank of Marsyangdi River where we can enjoy hot bath in natural hot spring and have experience of swimming in hot pool. The observation of Himalayas, narrow gorge, river view and rocky mountain are fabulous.Your visit to Annapurna-Manaslu viewpoint add value to your trip from where you can enjoy spectacular view of both Annapurna and Manasalu Himalaya range as well as bird eye view of Chame town. If you are lucky, you can see Daphne-Himalayan Monal (National bird of Nepal),Himalayan Ghoral. From the view point, you can observe vultures (Himalayan vulture and Bearded vulture flying below your eyes. Morning and evening walk in Chame gives a good experience of local ambience (Agriculture field, Monasteries, Alpine Forest, Marsyangdi River,Manasalu Himalaya range). District Level hospital is here if you take further advice on your health. Lamjung Himal Base Camp is another attraction from Chame. Recently, kasinsara lake has been discovered which is located at altitude of …….above than Tilicho lake. Our staffs in Chame will waiting to guide you.The road from Besisahar to Chame is connecting Manang to other cities of Nepal which has raised the number of domestic tourists in recent five years. Most of Nepalese have Tilicho lake(4942 m) as their ultimate destination. Most of them used bikes and jeeps up to Khangsar (3700m) without considering High Altitude Sickness and trek to Tilicho Lake. Every year, there are records of death of Nepalese tourist who do not care about high altitude. International tourists never use vehicle from Chame (2710 m) to Manang (3540 m) because they are well aware onHigh Altitude Sickness. Even, tourists who take helicopter, like to be dropped in Chame and continue their trek. Your speed is problem in High Altitude. If you walk, almost no problem. In a high altitude, we should fit our body with with the environment because air is thin here. Level Of oxygen starts decreasing with increasing altitude. In Chame, only 72% of oxygen available out of 100 % in Besisahar. Oxygen level further decline as you go further high.Or lung capacity also decreases with altitude. To make balance available oxygen according to our lung capacity, we must give time to acclimatize our body with the level of oxygen. The only thumb rule is“ASCEND SLOWLY”. Therefore, Namaste Manang has its hotel “White Stupa” in Chame to acclimatize you with high altitude, specially when you are travelling by vehicles. We will check your SpO 2 (Oxygen Saturation) on your arrival and you can keep checking SpO 2 before heading to next destination Pisang and Manang.

Natural Hot Spring

Natural Hot Spring is just one and half minute walk from our Hotel.

Annapurna view Point

To go Annapurna View Point you have to walk one hour from Our Hotel .